Chocolate and culture: this is the Italian March

Spring has just arrived, temperature is rising and Italy is celebrating its 150 years of Unity. What better way to celebrate than tasting delicious chocolate and having a walk along the feasting streets discovering places ever visited but few kilometers or maybe meters far from our hotel?

In Turin, CioccolaTò has come back: the  famous chocolate fair, this year a cut above. The city, center of celebrations for 150th of Italian Unity together with Rome, throws a double charge of events dedicated to Gods’ Food, a gourmand and funny occasion both for tourists and for the ones well-knowing Turin.

Turin XIX century cafés with a great historical importance played a first line role in the spread of chocolate all along the Region and the country and they contribute in building Made in Italy chocolate tradition. That’s the reason why the event will involve not only the historical center fo Turin, but also its entire district.

From March, 17th to April, 3rd, there will be a special edition called “I MIlle di CioccolaTò” (CioccolaTò’s Thousands) bringing a wide choice of attractions in Piazza Vittorio Veneto. First of all the scale model 1:90000 of Italy and the exposition of 20 of the most important Italian buildings’ miniatures, all made up of chocolate.

The commercial part prepared inside Choco Shop will host more than 1000 Italian chocolate varieties recalling at the mind the participants to Garibaldi Thousand expedition of 1860, while a special display dedicated to “Gli italiani e il Cioccolato” (Italians and chocolate) will retrace the evolution of this dainty food of our country, particularly in Piedmont from the Unity on.

On March, 25th, “I Mille di Cioccolatò” will be flanked by the real fair counting a lot of side events and will end on April, 3rd, as well as the other one.

In the commercial area more than 6000 producers will put on a show their stands and take a part into the activities scheduled together with visitors.

Always in Piazza Vittorio Veneto the Choco Farm will be prepared, where you can try many moisturizing treatments all based on chocolate.

On April, 2nd, in Piazza Palazzo di Città there will be the Gianduiotto Day, dedicated to the real typical Piedmont product known all over the world. Here you can taste chocolates and meet producers and fans could also collect autographs on the original cartouches in small boxes distributed. The entrance will be under payment of 2 Euros and the whole income will be go to charity. On this day will be also assigned the prize Gianduiotto d’Oro (Golden Gianduiotto), famous all over Italy.

On Saturday and Sunday, March, 26th and 27th, all along Italy there will be the traditional edition of Giornata FAI di Primavera (FAI Spring Day), an event involving all the sites protected by Italian Found for Environment that for the whole week-end will be open to the public. The access will be with voluntary donations and in every site you can sign in FAI, to become a sustainer of this organization that works for the protection of the cultural and landscape heritage of Bel Paese. Members will benefit special events and exclusive entrances.

To keep up the celebrations, Risorgimental paths have been selected all around Italy for the initiative “150 luoghi per 150 anni” (150 places for 150 years).

For the city of Rome will be open Palazzo del Quirinale, with few rooms open to the public, Casale Storico Cairoli (Cairoli Historic House), in which Cairoli brothers organized the entrance in Papal States to try a popular uprising in 1867, and Museo Agrario Geologico (Agricoltural Geological Museum), the first state museum after Unity.

In Liguria there are 9 selected sites: in Genoa, the Museum of Risorgimento in Istituto Mazziniano (Mazzini institute) will expose more than 100 years of city history, in Chiavari (GE) visits to commemorative monuments and Museo Scientifico Sanguineti-Leonardini (Scientific Museum) and Sala Consiliare del Comune (Council Hall), in Imperia Teatro Cavour (Cavour Theatre) will witness Risorgimento history, while not that far, in Porto maurizio, you could join visits along the streets of historical monuments of Parasio Quarter; in Savona it will be possible to visit the jail in which Mazzini was put in Fortezza Priamar and in which he thought and formulate Giovine Italia, in addiction to the house of Sandro Pertini, today a Museum (in Stella San Giovanni) and the ancient Balestrino, an abandoned village closed from 1953.

In Milan you could visit the house of Alessandro Manzoni guided by the students of Manzoni high school, admire the display “Eventi drammatici vissuti nel sacrificio, le grandi battaglie risorgimentali” (Dramatical events lived in sacrifice, the great battles of Risorgimento) and Museo Civico del Risorgimento (Risorgimento Civic Museum), or maybe go to Villa Reale to walk inside art, from the XIX century one to the modern.

In the heart city of celebrations, Turin, will be open Palazzo Lascaris, Villa della egina e Villa Tesoriera, great examples of XVII century architecture, while in Ivrea you could enter the Castle of the city and let yourself be guided by young guides of primary schools along the display “150 anni dell’Unità d’Italia” (150 years of Italian Unity), and in the village of Santena will be accessible Castello Cavour.

Even Tuscany will join the event. In Florence the Fondazione Spadolini will open the library of that great personality of Modern Italy. In Lucca district, in Pescaglia, you could attend to the celebrative recall of the main characters of Risorgimento in Teatrino di Vetriano, while in Pisa will be open Teatro Rossi and the documentary display “Il contributo di Pisa all’Unita’ d’Italia 1859 – 1861” (The contribution of Pisa to Italian Unity 1859-1861).

In Montepulciano (SI) for the most active people will be organized the Risorgimental Trekking along city walls while in Palazzo Tarugi will be exposed “In viaggio nell’Unità d’Italia: carrozze, calessi e auto storiche” (Travelling along Italian Unity: coaches and historic cars).

Near Venice, the town Chioggia will open ancient houses, cathedrals, monuments and the arcade of Palazzo del Municipio, but also Portogruaro, organizing a conference about “Risorgimento. Luci e ombre” (RIsorgimento. Lights and Shadows).

Just an advice: visit the list of open sites for these two days on the official web site of Giornata FAI di Primavera, where you can find all the ones of your city or of the one you decided to visit, so you won’t risk missing a monument, a palace or a show you’ll never see again for the rest of the year.

So, two events really let yourself be gape….and fill up your mouth with delicious products!

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