Senzatomica: an exhibition for the nuclear weapons abolition. In Florence.

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La mostra Senzatomica rappresenta la tappa italiana della campagna internazionale per l'abolizione delle armi nuclearSenzatomica exhibition represents the Italian stage of an international campaign for nuclear weapons abolition, that promotes the adoption of an International Convention on Nuclear Weapons to be submitted to UN by 2015.

Senzatomica will take place in Florence – at “Le Pagliere”, Viale Machiavelli, 24 – from Saturday March 26th, until April 16th, from 9am to 20pm (Friday and Saturday closing at 11pm).

The exhibition is divided into four sections that wants to stimulate, thanks to the use images, installations and texts, individual reflection to defy the logic of nuclear weapons based on mistrust between countries, in order to reach important goals such as:

- Ensure the right to life of all people;
- Move from security based on arms to security based on basic needs guaranteed for all human beings;
- Change the view of the world from a culture of fear to a culture of mutual trust;
- Know the actions that build peace.

Senzatomica is organized by the Buddhist Institute Soka Gakkai International, which promotes education to nuclear disarmament through exhibitions, awareness campaigns and forums that involve citizens all around the world. Since 1983, the Soka Gakkai International President Daisaku Ikeda forwards a peace proposal aimed to solve global problems, a proposal that, in recent years, has focused on banning all nuclear weapons.

The exhibition is also an opportunity to think about wide-ranging topics like the social responsibility of science, the responsibility towards future generations, the environmental impact of nuclear tests, the expenditure on armaments, the unacceptability of “small atomic bombs” to attack underground targets.

The campaign slogan is: to transform the human spirit for a world free from nuclear weapons, and during this historic period in which the whole world wonders about the choices made in the field of nuclear energy, not only military but also civilian, an exhibition can be a real opportunity to reflect.

Senzatomica will be in Florence from March 26th to April 16th, at “Le Pagliere” Viale Machiavelli 24.
Opening every day from 9am to 10 pm, Friday and Saturday 9am – 11pm

For information and reservations:

Website: – E-mail:
Tel: 055 4269810 (from 9:30 am to 1:30 pm Monday to Saturday).

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