Shopping in Florence? Now it’s easy and cheap: a Guide to all the Factory Outlets in Florence

For years and years, Florence has always been one of tourists’ favorite destinations, thanks to its wonderful architecture and culture, renowned art and museums, cookery and charm.

But there’s one more thing that shouldn’t be undervalued in such a city: shopping!

The mark on products made in Italy is very important and it is protected by a law that guarantees customers that all products have been exclusively manufactured in Italy.

Therefore, made in Italy is synonymous with quality and accurate working. Tuscany occupies a great importance now in international commerce, and flanks other Italian regions in competitive market. Italian brand outlets surely played a great role, offering first quality products at lower prices.

There are many factory outlets in Tuscany, especially in the area of Florence.

Florence is the most famous city of Tuscany for shopping: its historical center is populated by hundreds of shops, boutiques and markets, but sometimes it is very expensive to go shopping there. That’s why many factory outlets have sprouted all around the city.

The biggest factory outlet mall in Florence is located near Barberino del Mugello and it’s called Barberino Designer Outlet. It gathers more than 100 stores, including lots of famous Italian brands, such as Benetton, Cavalli, Ferré, Missoni, Prada, D&G and Trussardi, with foreign well-known names, such as Adidas, Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren. Suitable for all budgets and tastes.

Another big factory outlet shopping center near Florence is The Mall. As Barberino Outlet, it’s a brand gallery, mixing Italian and International brands. It’s situated in Reggello, 45 minutes away from Florence and includes a visitor center inside the structure.

Beyond the big brand galleries, there are also mono-brand outlets, as Conte of Florence in Campi Bisenzio and Dolce and Gabbana Industria at Incisa Valdarno, with bargains and offers for fans.

In addition, for shopping-addicted tourists, there’s the possibility to enjoy one of the many Outlets and Shopping Tours in Florence, which it’s possible to book on the website

For a whole day, a Private Tour will offer customers the chance to experience a private transport to Prada Outlet, The Mall, Fendi and Dolce & Gabbana outlet. The driver will be a local guide and will give passengers advices and indications.

The other private shopping tour will lead people to Prada Outlet and The Mall for a 7 hours tour with a local guide on the coach.

So, made in Italy and outlet malls in Florence wait for all the fashion fans.

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