Here it is how Turin celebrates 150th year of Italian Unity

The city of Turin and the Region of Piedmont don’t get left behind and host the celebrations for paying honor to 150th anniversary of Italian Unity, an initiative called “Esperienza Italia” that will take place from March to November 2011.

In April, Turin will have for us many surprises dedicated to the 150 years of Italian Unity. Several events, initiatives, exhibitions and workshops are already scheduled in the city of Turin.

The Officine Grandi Riparazioni, for instance, will host several exhibitions, such as:

Fare gli italiani, the exhibition retracing the history of Italian Unity until today, created by Walter Barberis and Giovanni De Luna.

Stazione Futuro, an exhibition dedicated to the future Italy, by Vittorio Bo.

Il futuro nelle mani. Artieri domani, an exhibition about the art of high-quality “made in Italy”, between manual work and digital art, by Enzo Biffi Gentili.

In addition, Spazio Scuole: workshops, training courses, conferences, theatre, cinema, games and sport activities created for the children of schools.

Moreover, at Officine Grandi Riparazioni, it will be possible to discover and taste the Italian culture of food. Brek, as a renowned symbol and exporter of the Italian traditional cuisine will exhibit the preparation of Italian typical dishes: from pizza to spaghetti, from vegetables in season to delicious pies.

An exhibition of contemporary art will be at Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo in Turin with the title Un’espressione geografica, where 20 international artists will reinterpret the main peculiar features of each Italian Region by suggesting an artistic Grand Tour of 21st century.

From 15th to 17th April, the city of Turin will host the 30th gathering of Granatieri di Sardegna (Grenadiers of Sardinia).

At Teatro Regio in Turin two operas by Verdi are scheduled: Rigoletto going on stage from 12th April, by the director Fabio Banfo and the orchestra leader Patrick Fournillier.

From April, 22nd, La Traviata will close the cycle of Verdi’s operas at Teatro Regio by the director Laurent Pelly.

On April, 20th 2011, at Teatro Carignano there will be the opening of the contemporary grand opera commissioned from Comitato Italia 150, which will be subsequently performed also in Florence and other Italian cities.

At Museo Nazionale del Cinema (the National Museum of Cinema) you will find “Noi credevamo”, the Risorgimento form Martone’s point of view. The most important characters, places, actions and moments of the movie preparation by Mario Martone about the complex and often dramatic events of Italian Risorgimento.

At Palazzo Cavour, there will be the exhibition named “Un gourmet di nome Cavour” (“A Gourmet called Cavour”): an exhibition about the real habits and customs belonging to the Risorgimento atmosphere in which visitors will turn into the guests of a special reception of Count of Cavour, an evening in a Piedmont’s palace in the days of Italian Unity.

Among the proposals, we remind you also a visit at Museo Nazionale del Risorgimento at Palazzo Carignano, with 30 halls on 3,500 sq.m.

You can find other interesting news and events in Turin on the online tourist guide to Turin: About Turin.

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