An Exhibition in Venice for paying homage to the protagonist of the city’s history: Glass

There’s still a few days for you to visit the wonderful and striking exhibition in Venice dedicated to the art of glass.

Until April, 25th (just in Easter time) it will be possible to visit at Correr Museum in Venice the retrospective called L’Avventura del vetro. Un millennio d’arte veneziana (The adventure of glass. A millennium of Venetian art).

After 30 years, the Correr Museum restarts the homonym exhibition “L’avventura del vetro” which took place at Castello del Buonconsiglio in Trento. By the way, the exhibition in Venice changed part of the materials by adding many others that are very important for celebrating at best a millennium of glass’s history in Venice and in the lagoon.

The exhibition, created by Aldo Bova and Chiara Squarcina, is divided into 4 chronologically-ordered sections: Archaeological glasses, From 15th to 18th century, 19th century and 20th century; over 300 works on display belonging to the Museum of Glass of Murano.

Such a great exhibition retraces step by step the history of glass in Venice and the lagoon: from the coming of glass in Venice during the classic age until the today’s closer and closer relationship between glass and design: present and future of Murano’s glass production.

Fine, ancient glasses found in the sea bottom of the lagoon and the sand of the city channels. Fragile masterpieces exhibited for the first time after having been emerged from waters that preserved them for centuries.

Small pieces of a great history: the one belonging to Venice and Murano, which want to pay homage to all the centuries dedicated to the art of working glass, this wonderful and fine material.

In addition, this is a perfect period for visiting Venice: in springtime the weather is nice and you can enjoy a beautiful tour on a typical Venice’s gondola. Why not to go to Venice for Easter’s holidays, just in time for marveling at such a magical exhibition about glass?

Further information about museums in Venice or other events in Venice are available on the online guide to Venice: About Venice.


Until April, 25th 2011


Correr Museum – San Marco Square, Venice

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