Elba Island: Beautiful Beaches, Deep Blue Sea, Sport and Nature

Are you planning your next summer holidays? Why not to choose the sea and beaches of an Italian island? Choose Elba Island and you will soon discover that is not just sea and beaches, but much more!

Every year, Elba Island, the largest island of the Tuscan Archipelago, welcomes thousands tourists for its breathless landscapes, the sea, the sea bottoms, the beaches and small bays, little villages perched on hills, the luxuriant vegetation of the famous macchia mediterranea (maquis) typically consisting of densely growing evergreen shrubs such as holm oak, tree heath, strawberry tree, sage, juniper, buckthorn, spurge olive and myrtle.

Its uncontaminated nature and crystal-clear waters offer tourists coming from all over the world relaxing and peaceful holidays able to satisfy families, and services, clubs and parties organized during all summertime in order to make guys having a good time with entertainment, music and much fun.

Don’t forget about sports on Elba: trekking, Nordic walking, free climbing, mountain-bike, sailing, windsurfing, sea kayaking, snorkelling and diving in Elba’s deep blue sea…you will be spoilt for choice, because there’s a wide range of activities to choose among and you will have a good time. That’s for sure!

Even for those who wish to try a spot for the first time: as a matter of fact, on the Elba coast there are many schools that will allow you taking lessons of your favourite sport and trying new, exciting experiences.

The sea and sun of Elba guarantee to sport lovers a perfect climate and weather conditions for having fun and practicing any kind of outdoor activity, both on solid ground or in the sea.

In addition, Elba island offers several itineraries to discover. Passing through the mules dispossessed of their original function, you will visit a natural landscape made of heather plants and myrtle, arbutus and broom, among holms, chestnuts and corks. Finding wild animals (boars, moufflons, fauns) is not rare in this area, as well as to look at the migratory birds that choose this landscape as a place for a rest on their fly from North Europe to Africa.

And the wild orchid, then, and the numerous butterflies spread in the air from Spring to Autumn, and the fields covered by thousands of aflutter colors.

At this step, you just have to look for your ideal accommodation. And if you are among the 43% of Italians looking on the net in order to find their ideal destination for next holidays, well, type “hotel Elba” on the keyboard and you will find at least 819.000 search results.

Hotels on Elba Island are many: Portoferraio, Porto Azzurro, Marina di Campo, Marciana, Marciana Marina, Capoliveri, Lacona, Rio Marina and Procchio. It’s easy to find many offers and last minute offers for Elba island, you just need to search and this website is quick and easy to use: Hotel Elba.

A Hotel Elba is waiting for you for the next summer holidays, in the beautiful villages perched on the hills or just a few steps by the beach. The holiday of your dreams, just book your ferry and go!

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