Potager Royal: teaching itineraries about Nature and Taste at Reggia di Venaria

From last April, 16th, the wonderful gardens of Reggia di Venaria (Turin) will be the scenario of an interesting, wholly-natural initiative: 10 hectares of orchards and vegetable gardens in a scenery punctuated by flower and vegetable plots, fountains and green galleries. Activities, didactic programs and thematic labs for everyone.

This is the Potager Royal: visitors will have the chance to discover thousands vegetables and cereals typical of Piedmont area through botanical, cultural and gastronomic guided itineraries, take part in sensory education sessions, learn about horticulture and cooking techniques, and taste the finest dishes of Italian regional cuisine.

So, activities and workshops conceived for visitors are many. Among the Activities we find:

- Vegetable garden, where it’s possible to discover the plants features from the botanic, scientific and gastronomic point of view.

- Apiary, a didactic itinerary to provide information and educational opportunities to learn more on the world of bees.

- Greenhouse/Seedbed, an itinerary showing people the transmission of life by explaining what seeds are and how to prepare a seedbed.

- Recycling and Composting Area, an itinerary where composting will be analyzed by describing the functioning of a composter: the use of organic materials (fruit and vegetable waste, cooked food, leaves, weed, etc.), the need to maintain humidity, the microorganisms necessary for the transformation of waste into humus.

- Hazel trees: go for a walk for observing the growth of hazel trees, this is a teaching itinerary about hazel and its properties.

As for activities and appointments conceived for this occasion, there are 4 themes: Green Horticulture (for schools and adults), Sensory education (for schools and adults), Grocery Shopping (for adults) and Cooking Techniques (for adults).

All the activities, workshops and guided itineraries are scheduled for specific dates and can involve a maximum number of participants, so hurry up and book your favourite itinerary! Further information about dates and prices of the activities are available on the official website of the Reggia di Venaria.

In addition, many appointments dedicated to schools and children, and many initiatives for families.

Much space for seeing, smelling, touching and tasting natural and local products, for knowing and learning by having fun.

Reggia di Venaria waits for you in great numbers in its superb gardens.

In order to have further information about Turin or next events in Turin, please have a look at our tourist guide About Turin.

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