Once again Pisa celebrates its Patron Saint enlightening the whole City

Even this year, in honor of Pisa’s Patron Saint Ranieri, the famous and much-expected historical event Luminara comes back.

Since it is an ancient tradition, Luminara is celebrated by Pisa’s citizens on every 16th June night with a great illumination in the whole area around the Arno River.

Every year, about 70,000 lights are put in glasses and hung on wood frames, painted in white and positioned along the outline of palaces, bridges, churches and towers along the Arno River.

The Leaning Tower of Pisa will be enlightened with other oil lamps, which will located also on the battlements of the city walls around Piazza dei Miracoli.

A mass of flickering lights in the Arno waters, along the outline of bridges and palaces will offer visitors a breathless and striking scenario.

The event dates back to 25th March 1688, when the urn containing the body of Ranieri of the Scaccieri – patron saint of the city – was placed in the chapel of the Dome of Pisa. Cosimo 3rd of the Medicis wanted to replace the ancient urn with another one more modern and sumptuous. The transfer of the urn was the occasion for memorable celebrations in the city, from which the illumination of Pisa began and in the 19th century took the name of “Luminara”.

Still today, the charming and striking atmosphere of Luminara is able to wonder the Pisa’s citizens and the visitors who for the magic occasion come to such an ancient Tuscan city.

In addition, in the late afternoon on June, 16th you will find also along the Arno river, many stalls selling sweets, balloons and glowing gadgets. Yes, because it will be the night of lights and both adults and children will have fun wearing glowing bracelets, necklaces or a hair band!

Remember that it is the most lively evening of Pisa: in all the streets of Pisa historical centre, you’ll find open clubs, restaurants, pubs and cafes, live music and performances in every corner of the city.

Furthermore, there will be beautiful fireworks from 11 p.m. on, and many parties organized in all the historical centre.

Some useful tips: come to the historical centre by foot!

For more detailed information about Pisa, have a look at the online travel guide About Pisa.

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