Florence pays homage to its Traditions with Fireworks, Historical Parades and Football

Once again, Florence celebrates its Patron Saint’s day on June, 24th: St John. This year, the patron Saint’s day of the cradle of Renaissance will be on Friday and this will be a perfect occasion for spending a curious and romantic week-end in Florence.

As a matter of fact, in Florence, as usual, you’ll find in the city centre historical parades and a series of initiatives involving the whole city, and don’t forget about the final match of the much-beloved Calcio in Costume or Historical Football, an ancient Florentine tradition you can’t miss!

In addition, don’t forget that in the night of 24th June, there will be the wonderful fireworks, on the fabulous scenario of Ponte Vecchio (the famous Florence’ Old Bridge).

In the morning of 24th June, the historical parade will start from Piazza Signoria and will go to the Baptistery in order to offer candles to the patron saint. Later, there will be the mass with the relic of the Saint.

Calcio in Costume will be held in Piazza Santa Croce, certainly one of the most beautiful and charming squares in Florence.

Calcio Storico Fiorentino or Calcio in Costume was probably invented in the military encampments where the soldiers resting from the battles would have lost strength without exercise. Here was a game which developed arm and leg muscles in a real hand to hand struggle for what was the size and shape of a cannon ball.

It is a “violent” medieval version of football (or soccer) and it’s a mix of the contemporary sports of wrestling, rugby and football. Four teams representing four main districts of Florence will challenge each others in three matches: two preliminaries and the final. The players will wear clothes belonging to the 15th century.

After a long parade of the noblemen on horseback, from Santa Maria Novella until Piazza Santa Croce, the players begin the match and the people scream: “Up Florence!”

An hour of real fun! You can’t miss such a traditional event in Florence!

More detailed information about this and other events in Florence are available on the online guide to Florence: About Florence, where you can also find useful tips, maps, phone numbers and much more.

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