The Coloured Carpets of Sawdust decorate the beautiful city of Camaiore

On Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th June, Camaiore welcomes once again the several coloured carpets made of sawdust, on the honour of the traditional festivity of Corpus Domini.

As every year, there will be the traditional Corpus Domini procession in the historical centre of Camaiore (a town in the province of Lucca, in Versilia Coast), and just for this occasion, the realization of the carpets of sawdust will be held again by groups of skilled craftsmen in the night of June, 25th. The creation of such unique pieces will start from 8 p.m. of Saturday. The day after, the Saint Mass will be held at 8.30 a.m.

The realization of these little but great masterpieces needs many months for its preparation. Firstly, the craftsmen have to choose the subject, inspired by religious or social themes, and then it’s time for the preparation of the plywood panels. Finally, such a poor material like sawdust is joint to the aniline colours, melt in water so that it’s possible to produce a wide range of chromatic shades.

The town of Camaiore celebrates the Corpus Domini with a procession since 15th century. It seems that such a tradition was born thanks to the Spanish servants in the service of the Bourbons: they used to create carpets made up with flowers for welcoming their lords, who spent their holidays in the beautiful villas placed in Versilia.

Eventually, the technique became more and more perfected: carpets, long until 200 meters, show images more and more complex, in which we can see accurate light and shade effects.

Still nowadays, craftsmen create such open-air artworks, which are created in one night, during which they stay awake until dawn. Then, it’s the moment for marvelling at such masterpieces, but just for a few hours before the procession destroyed them. You can’t miss this special event in Camaiore!

In addition, still remaining in Tuscany, we remind you that this evening there will be the special event in Pisa “The Luminara” that will enlighten the whole city and celebrate the event with fireworks. But it’s not all: you will have the chance to visit the Pisa Tower also in the evening, until 10.30 p.m. and enjoy the breathless view from the 55 m high tower. This will be possible until the end of August.

For having more information about Camaiore and Versilia, visit the website About Versilia. For further information about Pisa, please have a look at our guide About Pisa.

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