Liguria Lights up Summer 2011 with the Festival of the Sea in Levanto

On 24th and 25th July 2011, the great celebrations come back in the beautiful city of Levanto, in the province of La Spezia (Liguria Region): the 43rd edition of the Festival of the Sea.

The event is celebrated every year in honor of St Giacomo, the protector saint of the seafaring community. Initially, the event had a purely religious character, but soon it was integrated with the medieval birth of the Municipality of Levanto in 1230.

The most spectacular parts of the festival take place on 24th and 25th July (St Giacomo’s day), with historical processions, medieval tournaments, and the procession of the crucifixes and the statue of the Saint.

At nightfall the gulf sea is illuminated with ten thousand large candles with fireworks exploding overhead signaling the official end to the event. On 25th, the day of the saint, a traditional fair is also held along the town streets.

The opening of celebrations is scheduled on the morning of 24th July, when the first groups wearing historical costumes will parade in the center of the village. In late afternoon, there will be the first historical commemoration with knights and ladies parading in the streets of the city.

The evening of 24th July is dedicated to the traditional medieval tournaments taking place in piazza Cavour: sword duels, magic flag flyers, tug-of-war competitions.

On 25th July, after dinner, there will be the procession with the statue of the saint and the characteristic wood crucifixes crossing the village and ending the itinerary on the promenade, precisely at the “scoglio della Pietra” (“rock of the Stone”, in the picture).

In the end, fireworks will be shoot from the beach and will end the celebrations of the festival with thousands colors.

On the official website of the City of Levanto you’ll find more detailed information about the events scheduled for the Festival of the Sea.

Have you ever been in Levanto? If not, this could be a perfect occasion for visiting such a beautiful and charming seaside village that, with its crystal-clear blue sea, wide beaches and ancient suburb, is no less to be envied than the more famous Cinque Terre – that are just a few minutes away from there.

In addition, don’t forget about the brand-new, long promenade by the sea linking Levanto to Bonassola, another charming and remarkable seaside village to visit, for a pleasant bike tour or just a relaxing walk under the summer sun.

For getting more information about Levanto, the wonders of the Region of Liguria or just to find and book a hotel in Levanto, please have a look at the online guide About Liguria.

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