68th Venice Film Festival – August, 31st – September, 10th 2011

Once again, the 68th edition of Venice Film Festival will be organized by Venice Biennale and will take place at Lido in Venice from August, 31st to September, 10th 2011.

The Festival wants to encourage the knowledge and the diffusion of international cinema through all the shapes of art, show and industry, following the spirit of freedom and tolerance. In addition, the festival will include exhibitions to pay homage to important personages, as a contribute to a better awareness of cinema history.

The director of the 68th edition will be Marco Müller, chief of the sector Cinema since 2004.

The line-up of the 68th Venice International Film Festival includes the sections Venezia 68 (In Competition), Out of Competition, Orizzonti and Controcampo Italiano, alongside a retrospective section and two independent sections (International Critics’ Week and Venice Days).

The Golden Lion (Leone d’Oro alla Carriera, the highest prize given to a film at the Venice Film Festival) has been given to the Italian director Marco Bellocchio, one of the most influent and important personages of Italian cinema of the last decades and one among the main authors of contemporary cinema.

Here are the films of the official selections – ITALY:

Cristina COMENCINI, Quando la notte (Venezia 68)
Emanuele CRIALESE, Terraferma (Venezia 68)
Pippo DELBONO, Amore carne (Orizzonti)
Francesco MASELLI, Carlo LIZZANI, Ugo GREGORETTI, Nino RUSSO, Scossa (Fuori Concorso)
Ermanno OLMI, Il villaggio di cartone (Fuori Concorso)
Gian Alfonso PACINOTTI, L’ultimo terrestre (Venezia 68)
Alessandro PARIS, Sibylle RIGHETTI, Questa storia qua (Evento Fuori Concorso)
Yuri ANCARANI, Piattaforma Luna (Orizzonti Fuori Formato)
Felice D’AGOSTINO, Arturo LAVORATO, In attesa dell’avvento (Orizzonti Fuori Formato)
FLATFORM, Movimenti di un tempo impossibile (Orizzonti Fuori Formato)
Yervant GIANIKIAN, Angela RICCI – LUCCHI, Notes sur nos voyages en Russie 1989 – 1990 (Orizzonti Fuori Formato)
Pietro MARCELLO, Marco Bellocchio, Venezia 2011 (Fuori Concorso) – Cortometraggio
Pietro MARCELLO, Il silenzio di Pelesjan (Evento Orizzonti)
Mario MARTONE, La meditazione di Hayez (Fuori Concorso) – Cortometraggio
Fabio SCACCHIOLI, Vincenzo CORE, Miss Candace Hilligoss’ Flickering Halo (Orizzonti Fuori Formato).

This year the section Orizzonti welcomes Siglo ng pagluluwal (Century of Birthing), the new film by Lav Diaz, who received many awards (in Venezia as well) and is known as the ideological father of the New Philippine Cinema.

Siglo ng pagluluwal (Century of Birthing), which will be presented in its world premiere on Sept. 10 in the Orizzonti Events section, is a grand meditation on the various roles of the artist, and tells two seemingly unrelated tales: one focusing on a filmmaker who has spent years working on his latest opus; the other about a Christian cult leader in a rural region.

For further information about the 68th Venice Film Festival and other events in Venice, please have a look at the online travel guide to Venice: About Venice.

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