Historical Parade and Historical Regatta 2011 in Venice

On Sunday September, 4th 2011, the traditional and very ancient Historical Regatta comes back in Venice with the typical Venetian rowing, a unique discipline born in Venice hundreds years ago.

The historical Regatta is celebrated every first Sunday of September and it’s one of the most appreciated events by Venetians since it is the most important moment of the agonistic season of Venetian rowing clubs. It took place for the first time on 10th January 1315 during Giovanni Soranzo’s reign, in order to pay homage to military victories as well as to the Queen of Cypro, Caterina Cornaro, who signed the beginning of Serenissima’s supremacy on the Mediterranean Sea.

Today, Venice Historical Regatta is open by the coloured Water Parade, which makes it even more spectacular, preceding the competitions: a parade made up of dozens of typical, multicoloured boats belonging to 16th century, with gondoliers wearing epoch costumes carrying the doge, Duchess and all the Venetian magistrates, in a reconstruction of the glorious past of the Maritime Republic of Venice.

Nowadays, the four competitions are subdivided according to the age of participants and kind of boat: the most famous one is the regatta of the champions on gondolini, which takes place on the Canal Grande and its arrival is in front of the famous “machina”, the wonderful floating stage placed in front of the Ca’ Foscari Palace.

On Sunday 4th Sep, at 4 p.m., there will be the Historical Parade: a parade in the Canal Grande of historical boats with walk-ons, gondolas and boat of the Venetian rowing associations. Itinerary: from the San Marco Basin along the Canal Grande.

At 6.20 p.m., there will be the Regatta of two-rows gondolini. Itinerary: Giardini di Castello, Bacino San Marco, Canal Grande, Rialto, with return along the Canal Grande and arrival in Ca’ Foscari.

The romantic and wonderful city of Venice is waiting for you for this magic moment of sport and traditions!

If you want to know more about Venice, please have a look at the online guide to Venice: About Venice.

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