The Tuscan City of Carrara celebrates with Festivals and Septemberfest

From Friday 9th to Sunday 11th September 2011, the 6th edition of “Con-Vivere”, the festival of philosophy, comes back in Carrara with the main theme “Bianco, rosso e verde” (the colours of Italian flag: “White, Red and Green”). This because the whole event will focus on the Italian Unity, analyzed from every side by many journalists, historians, economists.

This year, the festival will have as usual a rich program: it schedules 14 meetings, 4 concerts, 2 painting exhibitions, besides many book shops and restaurants open and beautiful squares crowded by people.

The Italian band “Elio e le storie tese” will put an end to the event with performing in a great concert held in piazza Alberica on Sunday 11th September at 9.30 p.m. with admission charge.

The festival will collaborate with Accademia di Belle Arti in the creation of a white-marble sculpture – conceived by Luciano Massari with the marble of Cave Michelangelo – which will reproduce the image of Italy.

Isn’t enough? Carrara will welcome you with the yearly and popular Septemberfest, which began on 26th August and will end on this Saturday 10th September. The Septemberfest takes place at CARRARAFIERE exhibition center in Marina di Carrara.

The Septemberfest, born in 1976 thanks to the twinning between Ingolstadt and Carrara, has become the greatest and most important beer festival in pure German style taking place out of Germany and gathering each year more than 120,000 visitors. Its great success is due to the Bavarian originality of beer, music, performances and gastronomic specialties which together create a perfect atmosphere for such a Bavarian festival.

At the festival, you’ll find 150 Bavarian people livening up kitchens and stalls with orchestras, performances and folk music groups cooperating together with about 70 Carrara’s citizens.

In addition, you’ll find a funfair and “Tutti in fiera”, the great trade fair organized by the TC&T of Carrara hosting hundreds stalls of shops, commercial, gastronomic and textile activities, etc.

Carrara, the world-renowned city of marble, waits for you!

For further information about the city of Carrara, please have a look at the online guide About Versilia.

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