Zeroemission Rome 2011: Renewable Energies for the Mediterranean

The most sustainable and environment respectful event in Italy is coming bach for its 2011 edition: Zeroemission Rome, from 14th to 16th September at Fiera di Roma.

Such an important event dedicated to renewable energies, environmental sustainability, the fight against climate changes and emission trading, this year presents 5 pavilions, over 650 registered exhibitors and over 35,000 expected visitors.

Zeroemission Rome 2011 compensates for its green house gas emissions by supporting renewable Energy projects in Italy and the world.

This year, Zeroemission Rome propose many new elements, among which the debut of Solartech, dedicated to thermal and thermo-dynamic solar energy – and the new theme areas of EOLICA: Winverter – dedicated to the manufacturers of inverters for wind energy plants and relative technologies, representing a fast moving sector developing side by side with the increase in use of wind energy and Compomat Wind, an exhibition area and live demonstrations workshops dedicated to the presentation of the latest theoretical and applicative gains for the development of wind blades in composite materials.

Sustainable transport is also on the agenda of Zeroemission Rome, thanks to ELECRTIC CARS, the event dedicated to the electric vehicles which will offer visitors the chance of test-driving (in the special external area outside Pavilion 7) with the Peugeot iOn and the Citroën C-Zero. The Tazzari ZERO and an Enel charging station, along with photovoltaic shelters, and Schneider Electric, the electric scooters from Sig Solar, will also be on show. ELECTRIC CARS 2011 will also host the SEM-Solar Energy Mobility Project, by Green Utility, transforms solar energy into electricity to directly power the sustainable transport system inside Fiera di Roma.

Zeroemission Rome 2011 will present the following exhibition areas: EOLICA EXPO MEDITERRANEAN (wind power), CO2 EXPO (the carbon credit market), PV ROME MEDITERRANEAN (photovoltaic technologies), SOLARTECH (concentrating and thermal solar energy).

In addition, a rich calendar made up of a qualified series of conferences, refresher courses, workshops, meetings and debates which aim at updating, comparison and professional training.

Zeroemission Rome 2011 is waiting for you from 14th 16 th Sep 2011 in Rome!

Further information about this and other events in Rome are available on the online travel guide to Rome: About Roma.

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    I would actually love to own an electric Smart car.