Genoa Science Festival celebrates the 15oth anniversary of Italian Unification

From October, 21st to November, 2nd 2011, Genova will host the 9th edition of the Science Festival, this year entitled “150 e oltre” (meaning “150 years and above”) in order to pay homage to the anniversary of Italian unification.

As a matter of fact, the festival’s aim is to celebrate 150 years of national unification by with a wide array of hints, experiences and excellences of the recent past able to project knowledge into the future, into the next 150 years.

Far from just being a mere historical celebration, Genoa Science Festival is seekingfuture scenarios, going back to the roots of science, research and technology to build up a new world.

The festival particularly wants to give space to young excellences, men and women working in science and technology in Italy and all over the world; the partnership with the U.S.A., started in 2010, perfectly fits in this frame, as this is the country where many and many talents from all over the world migrate to, hosted in universities and research labs.

The festival philosophy has not changed: the aim is to make science accessible to anyone (people of any age, children, students, experts, elderly) thanks to the wide variety of topics as well as a “hands on” approach allowing for the active participation of public.

At the festival, you will find scientific and interactive exhibitions, workshops, conferences, meetings, scientific cafes, shows, special events and lectures for talking about science with an innovative and involving approach, with interactive events and crosscurrent ones.

The Science Festival takes part in the celebrations dedicated to the International Year of Chemistry, the International Year of Forests and the International Year for People of African Descent and celebrates the 100th anniversary of Rutherford’s model of the atom and the 100th anniversary of the South Pole’s Discovery by Amundsen and Scott.

Techonology, science and experts wait for you in Genoa (Region of Liguria) from 21st october to 2nd November 2011 at Genoa Science Festival.

Further information about the city of Genoa are available on the travel guide About Liguria.

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