Leonardo’s Self Portrait for the first time on display in Turin

Obviously, it’s Leonardo da Vinci we are talking about. The universal Italian genius and great myth. His world-famous Self portrait will be put on display for the first time ever in the halls of Scuderie Juvarriane at Reggia di Venaria (province of Turin).

Such a great exhibition will be held from November 18th 2011 to January 29th 2012 and will offer visitors the chance to marvel at this great genius together with the artworks of those artists who throughout the centuries took inspiration from him.

The exhibition offers an itinerary within the work of Leonardo da Vinci through about 30 original drawings belonging to important Italian and foreign institutions, and some documents from the Biblioteca Reale of Turin. Finally, you’ll find an exhibition path showing several works dating back to the period between 15th and 20th century, telling the importance and consolidation of the genius’s physiognomy in ancient and modern art until the influence of Leonardo in contemporary art.

Firstly, visitors will find a section introducing the artist through a biography that shows the social context, cultural environment, the training and the several activities of the Master.

Then, visitors will find an interesting video interpreting and showing the da Vinci’s works – focusing on the issue of the physiognomy of the artist – by Piero Angela.

The exhibition ends with a multimedia area, introduced by a digital reproduction of the Last Supper on 1:1 scale, which allows analyzing the details of gestures and physiognomies of one of Leonardo’s major masterpieces.

The fortune of Leonardo in literature is described by the screening of literary writings, whiles a section, realized in collaboration with the Museo del Cinema of Turin and by Arnaldo Colasanti, presents a series of movies inspired by his genius.

In addition, here are the 3 main sections of the exhibition:

The section about drawings presents the Codex on the Flight of Birds and a complete set of 13 autograph writings belonging to the collections of the Biblioteca Reale of Turin, including the famous Self Portrait.

The figure of Leonardo is analyzed through a selection of works by artists between 15th and 18th century. Through this section, visitors may easily understand how the physiognomy of the artist soon became the icon of the Renaissance genius.

The section about the fortune of Leonardo in contemporary art is opened by the famous tribute by Marcel Duchamp, who apparently defaced Mona Lisa by drawing a moustache. Another interesting topic is the Last Supper, with the series of reprocessed reproductions by Andy Warhol, but also many other main characters of contemporary art, such as Spoerri, Nitsch, Recalcati.

Opening Hours
Close on Mondays (but on National Bank Holidays, having the same opening hours of Sundays)

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
From 9 am to 6 pm

Saturday and Sunday
From 9 am to 8 pm

Leonardo and his great genius wait for you at Reggia di Venaria in Turin from November, 18th 2011 to January, 29th 2012.

For further information about Turin please visit the tourist guide to Turin About Turin. For more detailed information about how to see and book your tickets for Leonardo’s Last Supper in Milan, take a look at About Milan.

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