Tuscany Feast comes back again

Tuscany Feast, the yearly event celebrated on 30th November, has been instituted through a regional law in 2000, in order to remember one of the main conquest of mankind in the field of human rights: the abolition of death penalty.

It was the Grand Duke of Tuscany who first abolished death penalty on 30th November 1786 wit Leopold’s reform. He also abolished torture and limbs mutilation, defining such practices barbaric acts.

This initiative made Tuscany the first country in the world to abolish this cruel practice, changing in this way mankind history forever.

Tuscany Feast offers a good occasion for thinking of the ancient values of justice and peace characterizing for centuries this region, and trying to diffuse such principles especially to future generations.

This edition theme is “Una sotria, tante diversità” (that is: “One history, many differences”) and several cultural events are scheduled in many Tuscan cities in the days before and after 30th November.

Many concerts, exhibitions, conferences and theatre performances are scheduled for the occasion, in order to retrace the region history since 1786 until today.

For further information about the most beautiful cities in Tuscany, please have a look at the following online travel guides: About Florence, About Pisa, About Siena, About Mugello, About Versilia.

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