Picasso creations on Display in Pisa

Visitors have still a few days for marveling at the wonderful artworks kept intact in the exhibition taking place at Palazzo Blu in Pisa since last October, 14th.

As a matter of fact, until 29th January 2012 the old Palazzo Blu will hold the masterpieces of some of the greatest painting masters of all times.

“Ho voluto essere pittore e sono diventato Picasso” (“I would to be a painter and I became Picasso”), this is the title of the exhibition.

As a result of the cooperation among Fondazione Palazzo Blu and the Picasso Museum of Barcelona, Malaga and Antibes, this exhibition confirms the purpose to create relations with important public institutions conserving the works of the great 20th-century masters.

It is the third exhibition of the cycle dedicated to the great masters of last century, whose cultural origins come from the Mediterranean area: as a matter of fact, its aim is to renew the success achieved in the previous exhibitions, visited by about 170,000 visitors.

Placed along the Arno river at the heart of the city, a few steps away from Ponte di Mezzo and Palazzo Gambacorti, until 29th January Palazzo Blu will host over 200 artworkspaintings, drawings, potteries, works on paper, lithographs, etchings, books and tapestries which will show visitors how Picasso’s desire of becoming a painter in the 19th-century Barcelona led him exploring each possible artistic path through the continuous expression of his creative genius.

The core of the whole exhibition will be the extraordinary collection of 59 linocuts belonging to the Picasso Museum of Barcelona, around which the itinerary of the exhibition will develop with works dating back to a period from 1901 to 1970.

If you’ve never visited Pisa, this is the perfect moment for doing it! Go and see this fabulous exhibition in Pisa!

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