“Must Have”: an Extraordinary Exhibition among art, fashion and Life, in Rome

Since last December, 2nd, a special exhibition is under way in Rome at the exclusive gallery La Nuvola: “Must Have”.

Until January, 30th 2012, the exhibition by Marcello Reboani will put on display about 30 artworks depicting all the must have objects in fashion: from not-to-be-missed clothes to cult accessories such as bags and shoes.

The peculiarity of such works consists in using daily recycled materials, in contraposition to the rich ones of the contemporary consumer society, in a perfect fusion between art and everyday life.

Reboani’s works can be defined as assemblage, because they are creations made with the collage technique in three dimensions, everything with a provocative intent.

Recycled materials under the sparkling and glamour gloss of icon objects: wood mixes with copper, steel, aluminium, glass and lead. In addition: geographical maps, maps of the world, archipelagos and islands visited by the artist.

What are you waiting for? You still have a few days for visiting this fabulous irreverent exhibition, Rome is waiting for you!

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