62nd edition of Sanremo Festival: listen to the Best Italian Songs

From 14th to 18th February 2012, the popular Sanremo Festival comes back on Italian TV screens.

This is the 62nd Festival of Italian Song and the show will be hosted by the Italian singer Gianni Morandi, the actor Rocco Papaleo and Ivana Mrazova, together with two comedians Luca and Paolo.

The festival schedules:

- a competition among 14 artists with new songs;

- a competition where the 14 artists, together with international guest singers, will sing famous Italian songs known all over the world in different international versions, during the night called “Viva l’Italia!”;

- the final stage of the competition “Sanremosocial” among 8 young artists presenting their original songs.

The artists in competitions are Arisa, Chiara Civello, Dolcenera, Emma Marrone, Nina Zilli, Eugenio Finardi, Francesco Renga, Gigi D’Alessio and Loredana Berté, Irene Fornaciari, Marlene Kuntz, Matia Bazar, Noemi, Pierdavide Carone and Lucio Dalla, Samuele Bersani.

As for the special guests of this edition, on 2nd night there will be Belen Rodriguez and Elisabetta Canalis, and the two comedians Francesco Mandelli and Fabrizio Biggio.

On 3rd night, entitled “Viva l’italia nel mondo” the festival will host the great swimming champion Federica Pellegrini.

The fourth night will host the dancer Simona Azzorri who will perform a dance on the notes of the English-German violinist David Garret and the choreography by Daniel Arzelow. In addition, Sabrina Ferrilli and Alessando Siani.

On the final night, there will also be the Canadian band The Cranberries with the amazing voice of Dolores O’Riordan.

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