Falling in line: Maya Attoun and Hilla Ben Ari in Rome

Two Israeli contemporary artists, Maya Attoun and Hilla Ben Ari, present their artworks at the Marie-Laure Fleisch gallery in Rome until 25th February 2012.

Their works are exhibited for the first time in Italy by the gallery in an exhibition entitled “Falling in Line”, the first of a cycle of four exhibitions scheduled in a year (December 2011 – December 2012).

Such a project, called About Paper. Israeli Contemporary Art, has been organized by Giorgia Calò and will exhibit works by Hilla Ben Ari, Maya Attoun, Yifat Bezalel, Maya Zack, Etty Abergel, Yael Balaban and Ofri Cnaani.

These seven artists of different generations have worked on various issues with paper, seen and interpreted through their personal point of view. The themes are metacommunication, female vulnerability, memory, the representation of epic places.

As we can gather from the exhibition title, Falling in Line, Maya Attoun’s and Hilla Ben Ari’s art is characterized by linear elements that give life to a shared installation, where we find a relation between their different works. In addition, in the title we find a phonetic resemblance with the expression “falling in love”, introducing in this way another issue discussed by the artists: the indissoluble relation between physic oscillation and emotional fluctuation.

vicolo Sforza Cesarini, 3A
00186 Rome
tel. +39 06 688 91 936

Opening Hours:
From Monday to Saturday – from 2 to 8 pm

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