“The Dalì Universe” in Venice until 18th March

You still have a few days for marvelling at Salvador Dalì’s artworks in Venice.

An exhibition entitiled “The Dalì Universe” will be held until 18th March 2012 at S. Apollonia Museum in Venice, a few steps away from the charming and famous Piazza San Marco.

This exhibition, dedicated to one of the greatest artists of 20th century, puts over 100 artworks on display.

Visitors can admire a collection of artworks lesser known to the public, which include bronze sculpture (such as his Profile of Time or the Space Elephant), rare graphics portfolios, glass pate de verre sculptures and gold objets d’art.

At this fantastic exhibition, you will also find an art gallery putting on display a collection of sculptures in multiple edition.

What are you waiting for? If you’ve never visited Venice, this is the perfect occasion, especially if you love Dalì’s art.

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    A work of art, yes … really beatiful