Florence during Spring Time

Spring is the best time to visit the wonderful city of Florence, Italy. Not only is the city rejuvenating during this time, the weather is milder and the festivities are fun and exciting. If you and your friends are still thinking about whether or not to visit the city in spring, here are a few additional reasons to help you decide.

Fewer crowds

For those who get suffocated from the crowds of people, spring in Florence is your sure bet to avoid these. As there are less tourists coming to the city during this time, you can enjoy all the wonders and beauty of this Italian city without having to worry about getting lost or being bumped around by other tourists. And because there are less travellers roaming around during this season, you can also expect to find cheaper airfares and accommodation prices – which makes it perfect for those on a budget. Equally affordable, and a great alternative to staying in a hostel, is to book one of the many apartments in Florence where you’ll enjoy more space and comfort.

Quieter museums

This may still have something to do with less visitors travelling to the city during spring – but yes, quieter museums in Florence means you’ll be able to explore and appreciate the vast and interesting collections displayed in the city’s museums in peace and quiet. Aside from the famous galleries of Florence, you can also take this time as an opportunity to explore its lesser-known museums: from the Egyptian treasures displayed at the Museo Archeologico to the original telescope of Galileo showcased at the Museo di Storia della Scienza.

Fun outdoor activities

Because the weather is generally pleasant in Florence during spring, it’s the perfect time to take part in outdoor activities. You can leave your hotel in the morning and go follow the manufactured hedges and promenades in Boboli Gardens without worrying about getting sun burnt. You can also drop by and admire the flowers showcased at the Bardini and Botanical Gardens.

Interesting Easter festivities

For devout Roman Catholics, spring in Florence is also the best time to experience the activities related to Easter. Catch the Roman centurions parade at Grassina village which re-enacts the Passion of Christ on Good Friday or take part in the festivities in central Piazza del Duomo on Easter Sunday. To find out what’s on during your stay in Florence you can check out the calendar of the Florence tourism board.

Exciting springtime markets

Whether you’re an art lover or not, the artisans’ stalls behind the Fortezza da Basso will surely interest you. Here you’ll find ceramic pieces and handmade dress jewellery worth taking as souvenirs. The street markets in the city during this time also promise cheap finds.

Refreshing and rejuvenating, Florence during spring time sure is the best place to unwind and de-stress yourself.

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