“Skim World: a mushroom in the meadow” – a street art exhibition in Prato

Until 11th April 2012, at the venue of Confartigianato Imprese in the city of Prato (viale Montegrappa, 138), visitors will have the chance to marvel at some of the masterpieces of a genius, a street artist called SKIM.

An extraordinary side of art that used to be only on the city walls, but now it will be under everyone’s eyes thanks to the artist’s use of different techniques and styles.

SKIM is a graphic designer, a painter, a graffiti artist, a cartoonist and a drawer.

With his graffiti style, the artist uses colors in a catchy way that makes his works unique and is able to mix a graphic style with different shapes of art, giving a story to each single work. His most famous personages used in his artworks are the mushroom, the hazel dormouse, Marylin Monroe, Child, Zeno and Valigia Blu (blue suitcase).

For 3 years he has been working in an art studio in his possession in Scandicci. Now lives and works in Scandicci (a village near Florence).

Francesco Forconi - his real name – grew in the urban environment of Florence, he travelled a lot and in New York he discovered the street art and the graffiti writing. He began to use different styles and techniques and still today it is his main feature.

From Monday to Thursday 8.30 am – 1 pm / 2.30 pm – 6.00 pm
On Fridays 8.30 am – 1 pm (on request it is open also in the afternoon)

Until 11th April 2012 in Prato, in viale Montegrappa 138.

If you are planning to see this exhibition, then you can’t miss the chance to go to Florence and visit this wonderful city in spring!

Florence is placed just a few km away from Prato (about 15 minutes). You can easily reach Florence by train, bus or car.

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