61st edition of Camogli Fish Festival


The Fish Festival of Camogli, a small Ligurian village in the province of Genoa, is one of the best-beloved gastronomic events in Liguria.


The event takes place every second Sunday of May and this year it will be held on 13th May 2012, St. Fortunato’s Day, fishermen’s patron, in Piazza Colombo, near the little seaport of Camogli.


This is its 61st edition and, as a matter of fact, it boasts of a long tradition: in 1952 some inhabitants of Camogli spontaneously decided to give as a present fried fish to visitors.

Ever since it became a nice tradition involving every year all the inhabitants of Camogli, people of fishermen.


The festival symbol is the frying pan, made of steel, with a Guinness World Record size, 3,85 m in diameter and 5,5 m in the panhandle, it is the real festival attraction.


In the biggest pan of the world, about 30,000 servings of fried fish are given out to all the festival participants.


This year, the Fish Festival gives aid to Borghetto Vara, a village located in the East of Liguria that has been destroyed by a recent inundation flood that hit the Ligurian region.


Thanks to a little financial contribution, participants will receive a serving of fried fish and a ceramic plate as a souvenir of the festival. In this way, people will have the chance to mix what is helpful with pleasure, both having fun and helping Ligurian people.


The Fish Festival combines with the celebration in honour of St. Fortunato: on Saturday night, after the religious ceremony, there is the procession with the Saint’s Ark, accompanied by the musical band “Città di Camogli”.


The procession ends with the suggestive bonfire of wood carvings with creative shapes, made by some people of Camogli, and a spectacular fireworks display on the sea follows.


On Sunday, the festival starts blessing the world record largest pan and the fish, ready to fry.


Besides fish quality, during the festival you can also appreciate other typical Ligurian food and products organized in stands through the village streets for the whole week-end.


Next to food stands, there are also handicraft stands which exhibit craftsmen’s skills in making wood carvings, on sale in the local markets.


In addition, there are entertainment and musical performances and a photo exhibition about the history of bonfires.


Camogli Fish Festival combines the taste of Ligurian cuisine with treasures of the stunning landscape of this region.


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