I Profumi di Boboli, a garden in the garden

The event “I profumi di Boboli” – whose meaning is “Boboli Perfumes” – will come back in the most beautiful garden in Florence, Boboli Gardens. It is an itinerary among the perfumed essences taking place from 17th to 20th May 2012.

This is the only event in Boboli Gardens offering the chance to sell products. The location of “I Profumi” is the Orto della Botanica Inferiore; originally, the choice of this place was due to a building used as Speziera, where you could find all kinds of spices, but unfortunately it was destroyed in 18th century.

The old perfurmers and herbalists went to Boboli Speziera to gather all special flowers in the garden and to distil perfumes and balsams with healing properties.

For this reason, I Profumi di Boboli is an exhibition that wants to bring the Gardens past back through products of the artistic and manufacture tradition related to the botanical world.

The exhibition products are in the sign of nature and quality and represent the specific region they belong to: you can find perfumes, candles, air-fresheners, aromatherapy oil, aromatic herbs extract, spices, flowers and fragrant plants, floral clothes, old printings, garden furniture and accessories.

Also natural-based cosmetics and beauty products are exhibited: it has to do with phytocosmetics, which are products made up with substances and plant derivatives.

An exclusive beauty line coming from Tuscany hills is made with Tuscan extra virgin olive oil, whose compound doesn’t contain chemical substances. In this way, beauty purpose is associated to a more important therapeutic purpose.

Flax, anemone water and sea daffodil are the fragrance substances of some natural soaps on sale in Boboli showcase.

In addition, also colours and fragrances of Provence will be at the event because they’ve been held in an aromatherapy oil of exceptional purity.

Exhibitors are twenty and have been selected according to the originality of their products; among them, we find Aleppo soap, whose production techniques date back to two thousands years ago and fruit, herbs and flowers  that come from Italian monasteries, where nature is uncontaminated.

The special guest of 2012 edition is UNO PIU’, the oldest and most prestigious Italian company of outdoor design that will furnish Boboli living room.

Opening hours:

On Thursday 17th, the opening ceremony will take place at 12 am.

Open from Friday 18th to Sunday 20th from 10 am to 8 pm.

The entrance ticket of Boboli Gardens allows visitors a free access to the event “I Profumi di Boboli” and to the Gardens, Silver Museum, Porcelain Museum, Costume Gallery, Pitti Palace and Bardini Gardens.

In Boboli, you could go for a walk among perfumes and essences and among extraordinary places from other times.

If you would like to have further information about the city of Florence, please visit now the online tourist guide About Florence.


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