19th Medieval Festival of Malmantile: Back to the Past

In Malmantile, a hamlet of the town Lastra a Signa located near Florence, preparations for the 19th Medieval Festival are under way: once again, such an event will bring the medieval atmosphere of the village back to life.

This year, the festival will take place on 26th and 27th May, 2nd and 3rd June at Malmantile Castle, where a typical medieval setting of the village will be recreated.

Malmantile will be set up in such a way to take the form of a village dating back to 15th century; as a matter of fact, within the city walls, there will be about 150 atmosphere actors, and thanks to them, you will feel to be back in the past.

The village scenery, prepared with attention to the smallest detail in order to make it more similar to reality, together with the actors’ period costumes made by skilled tailors and the presence of craftsmen (who will show medieval arts and crafts) will make you believe you are in a real medieval village.

On the inside of the castle, visitors will meet ladies-in-waiting, knights, archers, poets, acrobats, jugglers, weavers, painters, alchemists and many other characters of past times.

The programme of the event is rich in performances, duels among knights, dances, archery shows and, in addition, the historical parade with musicians, flag flyers and courtiers will march through the streets of Malmantile.

The Medieval Festival also includes a gastronomic itinerary dedicated to the typical medieval food of Malmantile.

There will be different refreshment stands inside the castle, like the “Hosteria”, the “Perfido Ristoro”, the “Angolo dei Golosi”, where you will have the chance to taste medieval dishes:  Bocconcini di Bacco, Zuppa Medievale, Melanzane alla Cortigiana and Crostoni alla Bocca di Fuoco, but also typical Tuscan dishes like the ribollita, the pappa al pomodoro, the tripe and other delicious specialties.

Every year Malmantile’s Festival is hosting more and more visitors coming from every corner of Tuscany and not only.

The success of this festival is due to its originality of the setting and the extraordinary shows and performances offered to visitors.

It’s an appointment that is suitable for the whole family because it combines history with fun.

The festival is organized by volunteers of Malmantile’s section of Misericordia, a voluntary organization, and the money raised from the festival will be given to the voluntary association activity.

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