“Divine Paintings” on view in La Spezia

La Spezia is a city of international exchanges and, most of all, culture; as a matter of fact, the city boasts of a well-connected net of museums, among which a small one very rich in artworks stands out: the Amedeo Lia Museum.

In its 15th year from the opening, the Museum Lia sets up the exhibition “Divine Paintings”, available for visits until Sunday 3rd June 2012.

The exhibition gives visitors the chance to get a close view to some of the important works from Amedeo Lia’s private collection.

In 1995, when Amedeo Lia donated a copious number of works of art to the Museum, he kept for his private collection some works that, for personal sentimental reasons, were excluded from the list of the museum.

The exhibition consists of two integrated sections: paintings and miniatures dating back from 14th and 16th century.

Two particularly important works are exhibited at Divine Paintings: Compianto su Cristo morto (Mourning over the Dead Christ) by Fernández Alejo, an extremely fine painting that combines the Flemish influences with the Italian ones, and La Madonna dell’Umiltà (The Madonna of Humility) by Benozzo Gozzoli, an early work with the Christ in his Mother’s arms.

Apart from Divine Paintings, the Amedeo Lia Museum hosts one of the most important Italian collections. The rooms of Renaissance works are rich in masterpieces by Tiziano and Lorenzetti, and also wonderful illuminated codes and ivory sculptures.

Opening hours:

from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10 am to 6 pm.

On Sundays from 3,30 pm there will be a guided tour included in the price of the entrance ticket.

However, La Spezia is not only a city of culture and art: even the sea plays a prominent role!

The Ligurian Riviera is one of the most beautiful Italian coasts and also one of the most awarded for its beauty and services quality.

As a matter of fact, the Ligurian region got 18 Bandiere Blu (Blue Flags), an international  acknowledgement given to sea resorts that follow some criteria including standards for safety, environmental management, services and, most of all, water quality.

Therefore, don’t miss the occasion to visit the Ligurian region, its artistic treasures and stunning landscape. You will find a blooming nature, made up with wonderful beaches and crystal-clear sea water, the perfect place where you could relax and enjoy a unique atmosphere.

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