Did you choose Venice for your next Holidays? Take a Look at the guide About Venice

Are you still planning your next holidays and don’t know where to go?

Have you ever been to Italy? Many people when deciding to spend their holidays in Italy choose Rome or Milan as destinations. But this time, we want to suggest you a destination that will wonder you: Venice.

Venice is the jewel in Italy’s crown, located on a lagoon in the North-West of Italy. To many people Venice is the most beautiful city in the world, especially for the romantic hearts.

Visitors use to be enchanted by the charm and magic of this city: its bridges, canals, squares, churches, monuments.

Visiting Venice is an experience that you have to try once in your life. Before leaving, just have a look at our online Venice Travel guide: About Venice, where you’ll find many information about this city, such as transportation, maps, useful numbers, museums and monuments opening hours, accommodation, culture, prices and so on.

Our guide offers many useful suggestions to visit Venice and discover its history, culture and traditions; you will find also the best excursions and guided tours you can enjoy by ferry or by gondola.

About Venice will help users to know the main attractions not to miss once in Venice and to find the best and cheapest restaurants, trattorias and cafes in the area.

Every year, thousands people from all over the world visit Venice for marvelling at its artistic and architectonical treasures, first of all the magnificent, beautiful Piazza San Marco (St. Mark’s Square), surrounded by old palaces with sumptuous porches.

So, what are you waiting for? Book now your next holiday in Venice! It’s worth it!

Further information are available on Venice Travel Guide, About Venice.

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