Festivals and Traditions in Tuscany

Italy would not be called “dolce vita” if there are not so many festivals and historical events. Especially Tuscany has a huge repertoire of festivals full of tradition. Almost each Tuscany village has its own traditional and individual festival with its many culinary specialties of each region.

Always a good reason to celebrate for Mediterranean countries is in September and November where people celebrate thanksgiving for their olives and wine harvest. The residents of the country are always happy about visitors and tourists and are generous hosts.

They will tell you about their culture, old family stories and will give you the feeling of being welcomed. While these events you will definitely get in touch with the popular red wine “Chianti” which is produced in Tuscany since the 14th century and a really famous and delicious Tuscan dish is roast wild boar.

A really important festival which you definitely should not miss is the biggest wine festival “Rassegna del Chianti Classico” which takes place in the 2nd week of September each year.Very typical for Tuscany are not only the varied food and wine but is also the typical music. That is why theygave their music special festivals. Open Air Classic music, Blues and Jazz festivals are taking place in summer on public places.

Candles everywhere

A very romantic spectacle is the “Luminara of San Ranieri” which is celebrated since 1688 in Pisa.

Luminara are candles in little glass containers and about 70,000 of them light up the dark city and the river “Arno”. The whole city is decorated for this special event: window frames on buildings are installed to reflect the light of the candles which gives a special atmosphere.

Due to the respect to traditions and also for fun of dressing up the Tuscans celebrate many middle age spectacles in front of historical scenes of the old towns and villages. There they dress up with historical robes, open little stalls with food and handmade products and the people will be entertained by exciting knight tournaments.

The highlight of the many Middle Age spectacles is undeniable in Siena in July and in August. It is called “Palio di Siena” and it is the hardest horse-racing event of the world. The tour is in the streets of the city and the competitors are from neighboured areas of Siena.

Easter – Best time of the year

But like the rest of Italy, Tuscany is very catholic and the religious events are the most impressive ones. Therefore the best time to visit Tuscany is at Easter.

A big and 500-years-old tradition is a procession where hundreds of people are wearing historical robes and walking through the streets of the capital of Florence.

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