The Infiorata of the Feast of Corpus Christi in Pietra Ligure

Like every year in the day of Corpus Christi in Pietra Ligure, a town in the province of Savona, the traditional Infiorata takes place.

The Infiorata is a flower art festival and on this occasion Ranzi, a hamlet of Pietra Ligure, is decorated with colourful flowers along its streets and squares in order to celebrate the Feast of Corpus Christi.

The Infiorata is a tradition that dates back to ancient times and is also typical of many other villages all around Italy, that in the day of Corpus Christi made in the streets and in the squares carpets of flowers of several colours.

The inhabitants of Ranzi make  a round shape with about 7 m in diameter, this will be the scheme from wich they will create the “Star” of Ranzi.

In fact, through a play of lines and curves, this circle will turn into a big star; but what makes so suggestive the drawing of the star is the use of different kinds and colours of flowers.

Since in this season the nature offers a wide range of flowers, the inhabitants are involved in gathering wild flowers in the surrounding countryside.

They usually use the same varieties of flowers, from brooms, daisies, to heaters, hydrangeas and many others; even the colours repeat every year, but are combined in different ways from the the Star of last years.

The colours of flowers that deck the whole village are five or six: white, yellow, violet, rose, green and blue.

The Star of Ranzi is created in the suggestive little square in front of the S. Conception chapel.

Once there were three Infiorate, each one of them was made in the old quarters of the village. Then this tradition got lost , but thanks to the Youth Club of Ranzi, since 2003 this folk custum has been restarted.

The Youth Club holds a competition of flower arrangement, called “Ranzi decorates with flowers its old quarters”, this becomes the occasion to regain the tradition of the Infiorate in the old quarters and create choreographies with bright colours throughout the village.

This year the Infiorata takes place on the 10th June, just in the day of Corpus Christi, during which there will be a religious celebration and then will follow an award ceremony of the flower competition.

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