Discovering the Best Liguria Beaches: the hidden Gem of the Mediterranean

Have you ever been to Liguria Region?

Liguria is an amazing land rich in green mountains, breathtaking landscapes, deep blue sea, wonderful beaches and hidden bays waiting for you this summer.

This beautiful region is located in the North-West of Italy, just by the sea, with a long coast boasting of thousands ancient villages and charming harbors.

It is renowned all around the world as the “Italian Riviera” and for having crystal-clear waters, amazing cliffs and wonderful beaches and bays. Just think about Cinque Terre! How not to visit such lovely seaside villages once there?

Liguria is a little, quiet paradise where visitors from all over the world wish to spend their holidays once in their lifetime. And how to blame them!

In Riviera di Levante for example – East side of Liguria – you will find many striking seaside villages and towns in Golfo del Tigullio, such as the famous Portofino, a little town lying in a natural bay.

As mentioned before, other several famous Liguria beaches are those of Cinque Terre, which are very small but also very, very beautiful, most of them made up of pebbles and rocks. Cinque Terre are five villages perched on tall cliffs and are part of a protected area. As a matter of fact, these amazing beaches, beautiful cliffs and crystal-clear sea water made Cinque Terre one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Other Liguria beaches you cannot miss are located in the so-called “Gulf of the Poets” near the city of La Spezia, where many charming towns are located, such as Lerici, Tellaro, San Terenzo, Porto Venere, Fezzano or Le Grazie. Here, you will be enchanted by the sea and the surrounding Mediterranean landscape mostly characterized by shrubs.

Furthermore, no visit to Liguria would be complete without visiting other beautiful beaches in Liguria, such as San Fruttuoso beach in Camogli, Paraggi beach, Baia del Silenzio in Sestri Levante, Baia dei Saraceni in Varigotti and La Spiaggia in Zoagli, all of them located very close to the capital of Liguria, Genoa.

If you still have no plans for this summer holidays, think about Liguria beaches! Just have a look at our online Liguria travel guideAbout Liguria” and you will take a decision in a twinkling.

This year, spend wonderful days and enjoy your summer nights walking along Liguria beaches

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