Cartasia 2012 in Lucca, the contemporary art made of Paper back in the City Streets

From June, 30th to July, 29th 2012, 6th edition of Cartasia, the biennial of contemporary art, will be held in the city of Lucca and the municipality of Porcari.

Thousand-shape paper installations will invade the city streets and squares of Lucca historical centre and Porcari, creating a parallel universe for visitors walking down the streets of the old Tuscan city.

On June, 30th the opening ceremony of Cartasia 2012 will be held at 6 pm in Piazza San Michele (Lucca historical centre), an event involving international artists in the creation of large sized paper works.

Artists of this edition are 7 (among them, one is out of competition): Stefania Gianicci, Zsuzsa Horvat (in collaboration with Zoltan Lakatos), Inés Hubacher (in collaboration with Marianne Meienhofer), Wioland Jerome (called Chifumi), Andrea Marcianò (in collaboration with Maddalena Vidale), Mikl Wells, Andrew Scott (out of competition).

At the end of the event, a jury will establish the winner.

The common thread and theme reflecting all the works of this edition will be “Crisis and Rebirth”. In the historical period we are living, the man is looking for a help in art. In artistic creation we can find an input for a change, a turning point.

In addition, there’s no better material than paper for talking about such topical themes like rebirth and eco-sustainability. Paper is the recycle material par excellence!

Installations will be visible to the public from June, 30th to July, 29th 2012 and, at the end of the event, there will be a winner.

See you in Lucca for the 6th edition of Cartasia!

Further information about Lucca are available on the online travel guide About Versilia.

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