Butterflies and Screws in Turin until July, 6th

You still have time until July 6th 2012 for visiting the exhibition dedicated to environment organized by the Regional Museum of Natural Science in Turin.

The exhibition title is “Bulloni e Farfalle – 150 anni di Ambiente” (“Butterflies and Screws – 150 Years of Environment”) and its purpose is to retrace the evolution of nature and technology through the help of photos, panels with descriptions and explications and documentary films.

Such an exhibition wants to tell the innovation and arouse curiosity in visitors about the most significant changes of nature throughout the years. As a matter of fact, the exhibition was set up as a real “wonder room” in order to give value to the naturalistic and bibliographic collections of the museums.

“Frescoes and scenographies” will provide a clear view of the current social, economic and cultural situation of the area through 5 different stages of history:

- half of 19th century (preindustrial phase, before Italian Unity);
- end of 19th century/begin of 20th century (begin of industrialization, development of electric energy, development of transportation, etc.);
- ‘20s and ‘30s (post war crisis, development of industrialization, development of new social classes and lifestyles, etc.);
- ‘60s and ‘70s (economic recovery after 2nd world war, increase of environmental problems);
- nowadays.

At the exhibition, visitors will find many images, pictures, documentary films, paintings, books, texts of songs, school handbooks, advertising, and some environmental and socioeconomic data representing and describing in detail each period of history.

Regional Museum of Natural Science, via Giolitti 36, Turin (Italy)

Opening Hours of the exhibition:
All days 10 am – 7 pm
Closed on Mondays

€ 5,00
€ 2,50 (reduced ticket)

Info museum: tel. +39 011 432.6354

For further information about Turin please have a look at the online Turin Travel guide: About Turin.

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