“Ritorno ad Itaca”, an anthological exhibition

You still have time until July 29th 2012 for visiting the exhibition entitled “Return to Itaca” by the Ligurian artist Carmen Spigno.

From Friday 6th July 2012 the painter’s works are put on display at the “Fortezza del Priamar” in the city of Savona (Liguria Region).

The artist chose not to use traditional colours and all paintings have been created with soil colours, which have been dried in the sun and then amalgamated with resin produced by trees formerly dissolved in water.

The exhibition’s title “Return to Itaca” comes from the novel of the writer Paolo Coelho, “The Zahir”, which tells about the troubled journey of a man who is searching for the meaning of his existence, just as Ulysses, who travelled to Ithaca for seeking knowledge.Ithaca must be considered as an inner goal that we can reach only by working on ourselves and releasing us from wrong beliefs and taboos.

Carmen Spigno explains that this exhibition wants to be a metaphorical interpretation of her artistic path through its main phases, starting from her first oil-painted works, passing through her intermediate phase of expressive research, till her contemporary works made with soil colours.

During the exhibition period, the painter will be present on-site on Saturday evening to illustrate her works and show live her painting technique.

Exhibition opening hours: Monday – Sunday 8.00 pm – 10.30 pm


We remind you that the painter Carmen Spigno is also the creator of the club “Amici nell’arte“, with Rudolf van der Poll and Karl Schoenfield. 

This artistic and cultural club is born in 1999 with the intention to bring together people of different origins in the name of art.

Nowadays, the Club counts 70 members coming from all over the world and for many years they have been organizing many interesting cultural and artistic initiatives and events.

For having more information about “AMICI NELL’ARTE” please visit the official website.

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