Film Caravan 2012: the mobile cinema comes back in Liguria

For all cinema addicts, this year one of the best events in the Province of Imperia, the International short film festival, will take place from 31st July to 4th August.

The opening evening, in collaboration with the Circolo Parasio, will be held in Santa Chiara Square, the historical centre of Porto Maurizio.

In the evening, besides two short documentary films, a medium-lenght film will be presented: “Voyage en Sol Majeur” by Georgi Lazarevski (France, 2006 – winner of the audience award at the Lisbon Festival).


It is the diary of a film director who takes his ninety-years-old grandfather on a trip to Marocco, where the latter has always dreamed to go to but has never been able to because of his wife’s abhorrence for traveling.Just like last year, the beautiful villages of Cervo, Diano Castello and Cipressa will be the backdrop for the three evenings dedicated to the competition, which will be held in the open air.

The final day, Saturday 4th August, will begin at 11 am on the Terrace of the Sognatori Bar at the Foce area of Porto Maurizio, where it will be possible to meet the directors. The day will continue as usual in the grounds of Villa Grock at 7.30 pm with the buffet, followed by the award ceremony.

A selection of films, made with the new Lomokino camera, will be shown and voted.

The evening will end with the showing of Alamar, the long film by Pedro Gonzalez Rubio (Mexico 2010), which tells the story of Nathan, a child born from the short-lived relationship between an Italian woman and a Mexican fisherman.

The festival is supported by the Region of Imperia, the Province of Imperia, the Municipalities of Imperia, Cervo, Diano Castello and Cipressa and this year has received the high patronage of the Italian National Commission for UNESCO for the high value of this event, the aim of which is to promote the art of cinematography and support small municipalities.


Dear cinema and short movies addicts, you can’t miss such a fabulous event! This festival will wonder you during your Italian summer nights.

You can find the program on the official website of Film Caravan.

For further information about Imperia and the Region of Liguria, please visit the travel guide to Liguria.

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