Septemberfest 2012, a toast between Ingolstadt and Carrara

From 25th August to 8th September, Septemberfest will come back in the town of Marina di Carrara!

The Septemberfest, founded in 1976, as an evidence of the twinning between Ingolstadt and Carrara, has become one of the largest and most important beer festivals, in a real German style, which every year takes place out of German borders and gathers more than 120 thousands visitors.

Its success is due to the originality of its products: bavarian typical beer, German folk music, entertainment and typical cuisine.

The famous “tree of May”, typical of Bavaria, dominates the square of Carrara. The images hanging on the tree, symbols of the features of the two cities, were created by Konrad Kulke, artist and designer, on the occasion of the 25th edition of the jubilee.

A team of 150 people coming just from Ingolstadt will liven up the kitchen and several stalls every day; also the orchestras and the shows will be Bavarian.

The typical beer you will find at the Septemberfest is the Weizen beer, which is different from other kinds of beer because it is made of Weizen wheat instead of barley and contains yeast that brings anguish and leavens all the time.

In addition, also your children will have much fun because visitors will also find a Funfair.

Don’t miss this event, make a brief stop in Marina di Carrara, which is a beautiful village located by the sea (just a few km far from the famous City of Carrara), rich in art, culture and a fantastic coastline on the Ligurian Sea. In summer, it offers several events, festivals and typical food and wine feasts.

For more information about the city of Carrara, please have a look at the travel guide About Versilia.

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