9th Festival della Mente in Sarzana: a homage to Creativity and Culture

From 31st August to 2nd September, the charming town of Sarzana (Liguria Region) will celebrate its 9th Festival della Mente: the first European event totally devoted to creativity, directed by Giulio Cogoli and promoted by the Foundation Carispe and the City of Sarzana.

The festival includes about 90 events and activities conceived for adults and children with Italian and foreign philosophers, scientists, writers, artists, musicians, psychoanalysts, historians, actors and directors who started original thoughts and discussions about nature and creativity, some of the most popular features of human skills.

The meetings will take place in the symbolic places of the town, as the “Citadella” (Firmafede Fortress), the Cloister of San Francesco, Matteotti Square and the Impavidi Theater.

Just like last year, there will be very important personages from all around the world. This year, Gustavo Zagrebelsky, an Italian jurist of Russian origin, will open the ninth edition with a conference about cultural rights and the responsibility of knowledge.

There will also be other important personages like the writer Erri De Luca and Celestino Ascanio.

This year, the leitmotiv of the events will be the relevance of culture and knowledge. Sarzana’s mayor said in an interview that one of the main goals of this event is not to lose Italy’s peculiarities: culture has always been and will continue to be for this country a force encouraging its economic growth.

On the official website of Festival della Mente you can download the whole program of the events and also buy tickets online.

For more information about Sarzana, please visit our travel guide About Liguria.

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