Month: September 2012

The International Film Festival is back in Rome, from November 9th-17th

The festival will be held at the well-known Auditorium Parco della Musica, but its atmosphere will spread through the whole city, with different activities dedicated to cinema set up in several historical areas.

This year’s programme includes about 60 world premieres, giving a special attention to the new trends of contemporary cinema, and several projections, meetings and debates on Italian cinema.

The new regulation provides an Official Selection through an international contest, besides some non-competing films.

Some short, medium-length and full-length

St Michael Feast and Donkey Race in Carmignano

St Michael Feast was born in 16th century in a “sacred and profane” context and it offers visitors musical entertainment, folk songs, games and much more!

It takes place in September, from 28th to 30th, during which the four districts of the little town of Carmignano (in the province of Prato, Tuscany) challenge each other showing their own parade, with music, costumes and decorated floats.

The districts are distinguished by name and colour: white for “la Torre” (the Tower district), yellow for “il Leone” (the Lion), green for “l’Arte” (the Art) and blue for “l’Arcangelo” (Archangel).

When the parades are over, it’s time for the “Donkey Race”:

Mugello Ferrari Challenge, September 21st – 23rd

The CSAI (Italian Automotive Sports Committee) Italian Championship is back in the wonderful land of Mugello!

A fascinating weekend dedicated to the world of engines, with races and lots of surprises.

Don’t miss this event – September 21st-23rd – which will feature Gran Tourismo and Turismo Endurance testing, with the best drivers around.

Ferrari Challenge is one of the most popular one-brand championships and it hosts both debutant and experienced drivers.

Aircrafts Show in Padua, a few steps away from Venice

The 5th edition of Salone del Volo arrives in Padua (unlikely past editions that took place in Venice).

Thanks to the synergy among the company Expo Venice (owner of the brand of the event) the Gino Allegri Airport and Padovafiere, it will be possible to reach the fair by car or plane.

From 28th to 30th September

Siena pays homage to its Traditional Events: Scorribanda

On September, Saturday 15th, 12 music bands coming from Siena’s and Arezzo’s area will parade and perform in the city streets of Siena.

They will all gather in the beautiful and world-famous Piazza del Campo at 4.30 pm for starting this yearly music performance.

The festival will begin at 10.30 am and 600 musicians are expected to be here. The bands will start their parade from 4 different parts of the city: