2012 Edition of Energycon soon in Florence

Energycon is a 2 yearly event that is organized by IEEE Region 8 (including Europe, Africa and Middle East).

The conference offers participants the opportunity to share and compare ideas and opinions about issues concerning generation, transmission, supply, conversion and use of electric energy.

Each edition is hosted by a different country and this year, it’s Florence, where the meeting will be held at Palazzo degli Affari from 9th to 12th September.

Such an event represents the most important initiative created by the IEEE Region 8 in the field of the application of electronic technologies, instrumentation and ICT in the industry of electric energy. As a matter of fact, participants are invited to show at the conference their own works, which will have to stand out for their originality and innovation in the field of electric energy.

The conference will be run in English and structured into 4 different phases:

1. progresses made in energy conversion;
2. future electricity networks and systems;
3. sustainable transport systems;
4. ICT for energy.

Of course, this fair is a good opportunity for those who wish to show their own activities and, in this way, contribute to the international debate about the state of art and the coming perspectives of energy sector.

For further information, please contact: energycon2012@newtours.it.

2012 Edition of Energycon waits for you in Florence from 9th to 12th September. If you need to book a hotel in Florence during the event period, do it now with the help of About Florence.

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