Mugello Ferrari Challenge, September 21st – 23rd

The CSAI (Italian Automotive Sports Committee) Italian Championship is back in the wonderful land of Mugello!

A fascinating weekend dedicated to the world of engines, with races and lots of surprises.

Don’t miss this event – September 21st-23rd – which will feature Gran Tourismo and Turismo Endurance testing, with the best drivers around.

Ferrari Challenge is one of the most popular one-brand championships and it hosts both debutant and experienced drivers. In order to avoid uneven races, there will thus be two different trophies: the Shell Cup and the Pirelli Trophey.

Throughout the years, this championship has gained an ever-growing importance and is today an unmissable show for every car lover. Besides drivers, their teams and sponsors will be hosted, too.

Since 2011, the competition’s duration has changed, with two different races, the first one lasting 25 minutes and the second one lasting 35, while the qualification system is still made by two 30-minute races, which determine the starting grids for the two final races.

Of course, besides the individually registered drivers, there will also be crews made by two drivers: in each race, the driver will get one point for the pole position and one for the fastest lap.

The rush of adrenalin will be enhanced by the fascinating and challenging Mugello racetrack, awarded as the world’s best motorbike track for five times, with its 3,26 miles and its 14 bends.

But the charm of this racetrack is also due to the outstanding setting that surrounds it: so, why miss the chance to relax in one of the most beautiful places in Italy?

Mugello is a microcosm tucked away in the unspoilt vegetation, rich in historical and artistic treasures and fairs and restaurants where you can taste delicious Tuscan dishes.

For more information about the area of Mugello and Mugello Circuit, please have a look at the travel guide About Mugello.

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