St Michael Feast and Donkey Race in Carmignano

St Michael Feast was born in 16th century in a “sacred and profane” context and it offers visitors musical entertainment, folk songs, games and much more!

It takes place in September, from 28th to 30th, during which the four districts of the little town of Carmignano (in the province of Prato, Tuscany) challenge each other showing their own parade, with music, costumes and decorated floats.

The districts are distinguished by name and colour: white for “la Torre” (the Tower district), yellow for “il Leone” (the Lion), green for “l’Arte” (the Art) and blue for “l’Arcangelo” (Archangel).

When the parades are over, it’s time for the “Donkey Race”: four jockeys ride their donkeys bareback, doing four laps of the main square. At the end of the last lap, the winning jockey must break with his hand a paper circle, in order to win the race.

At the end of the three days, the district with the higher score is awarded by the mayor with a trophy representing St Michael.

You can enjoy the celebrations – which start every night at 9 pm – either sitting on the stands or walking around the streets of the town.

At the end of the Donkey Race, the St Michael lottery draw is held – three winning numbers – together with the award ceremonies of the race and the parade.

The town of Carmignano (near Prato) is placed just a few kilometres far from the beautiful city of Florence. You can’t miss the occasion to visit Florence, once in Tuscany!

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