Month: October 2012

Book and Ancient Press Festival in Pisa, 2012

On November 10th – 11th the Ancient Book Festival is back in the city of the most famous leaning tower! (in Piazza Martiri della Libertà).

Since 1989, this event is a must for all collectors, who will find here  rare incunabulums, first editions, and a rich sector of cartography and “vedute”, to suit everyone’s tastes and pockets.

This year the festival can count 40 exhibitors, with a wide range of Italian antiquary libraries.

This November, Discover all White Truffle and New Oil Festivals in Tuscany

San Giovanni d’Asso is a little village located in the neighbourhood of Siena (Region of Tuscany) along the Asso stream, from which it takes its name.

In this village, whre visitors can admire many old farmhouses and castles rich in history, truffle is part of the village traditions since the dawn of time, when it was still associated with witches because of its “mysterious” nature.

The first Italian Museum of Truffle was born here in 2004 and every year this special and rare food is celebrated by the village with the famous truffle fair: this year we celebrate the 27th

2012 edition of “Lucca Comics & Games” is ready to begin

The long-awaited Lucca Comics&Games is back: one of the main events dedicated to comics, animation, games, videogames, fantasy and sci-fi!

The festival will start on November, 1st and end on 4th; the exhibitions have been open from October 20th until the end of the festival.

For the 25th time, there will also be the Original Game Contest: the announcement is online for all the games creators.

A for the comics, the special guests of this edition will be:

All the Scariest Halloween Parties in Italy

The night of the witches is back with magic, ghosts, zombies and pumpkins…

A night to dress up, entering the supernatural and playing with fear and the afterlife! There is a lot of choice to celebrate this special night, so we often don’t have time or patience enough to find the best solution. For the boldest ones and for who wants to find something else than the usual Halloween disco party, here are some ideas! Happy Halloween everyone! :-)

Cloisters of Columbus’ Time

Let’s celebrate the discoverer of the New Continent at the several cloisters of Columbus’ time in Genoa.

Like every year, Genoa will host the traveling historical parade called “Cloisters in the time of Columbus”, on October 14th (the Sunday which is the closest to October 12th, date of the discovery of America).

As we all know – though the Spanish keep on denying it – Christopher Columbus was in fact Italian, as he was born in Genoa. Its native city has thus decided to celebrate him with this traveling feast through the ancient cloisters, where he spent his youth.

Throughout the whole day you will have the chance to enjoy music, poetry,