Cloisters of Columbus’ Time

Let’s celebrate the discoverer of the New Continent at the several cloisters of Columbus’ time in Genoa.

Like every year, Genoa will host the traveling historical parade called “Cloisters in the time of Columbus”, on October 14th (the Sunday which is the closest to October 12th, date of the discovery of America).

As we all know – though the Spanish keep on denying it – Christopher Columbus was in fact Italian, as he was born in Genoa. Its native city has thus decided to celebrate him with this traveling feast through the ancient cloisters, where he spent his youth.

Throughout the whole day you will have the chance to enjoy music, poetry, drama and old Genoa’s traditions.

The itinerary will see a first stop in Chiostro di Sant’Andrea, where traditional instruments like tambourines and trumpets will introduce the herald, who will read the notarial deed with which Christopher Columbus’s father, Domenico, got a home-workshop in Sant’Andrea district in 1455.

The parade will then continue towards Chiostro di San Matteo, where you will find a Reinassance court and a representation of the mutiny by Columbus’s crew during the voyage which would lead to the discovery of the New Continent.

The next stop will then be Chiostro dei Canonici di San Lorenzo, with its adjoining cathedral, where, between 1459 and 1465, the pediment of the “cappella delle ceneri” (chapel of the Ashes) was built before young Christopher’s eyes. The visit will be enlivened by a musical prelude dedicated to St. John the Baptist, and some madrigal poems will be read.

In the cloister of S. Maria di Castello, Reinassance dances will be performed and the group called “Tihuantinsuyu” will present some songs and poems from Latin America, as a symbol of the union between the Old and the New World.

The parade will have its end at the Old Harbour, where Columbus used to help his father with his business.

A tug of war game will be also held, in honour of the crews, named “The Three Caravels”.

A dive into the past which will give you the chance to know better the city of Genoa and to explore this wonderful historical town. We’ll be waiting for you!

Further information about Genoa are available on the online travel guide About Liguria.

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