All the Scariest Halloween Parties in Italy

The night of the witches is back with magic, ghosts, zombies and pumpkins…

A night to dress up, entering the supernatural and playing with fear and the afterlife! There is a lot of choice to celebrate this special night, so we often don’t have time or patience enough to find the best solution. For the boldest ones and for who wants to find something else than the usual Halloween disco party, here are some ideas! Happy Halloween everyone! :-)

In Pisa:

- “Notte Chiara” (Bright Night) in Cascina: the celebrations start at 3.30 pm, with games and shows for the youngest children including puppets, animation and ghostly tricks! There will also be plenty of sweets and candies! At 6.30 pm, games for all the children will start, pumpkin workshops, songs and dances, street food, treasure hunts and group dances.

From 8 pm the real “Notte Chiara” will begin, with open shops, aperitives and theme dinners!

In Siena:

Halloween at Meleto Castle: a creepy Halloween in a real castle, with candle-lit dinner in the main room’s hall, followed by a party with a “dance with the ghost of the castle”!

In Arezzo:

- in Piazza Tanucci: with tricks and treats for all, Halloween games for the children and gastronomic stalls.

- In Lucca:

- in Borgo a Mozzano: with the passage of terror, where scary characters will interact with the visitors; among them will also be the Lucca noblewoman Lucida Mansi, who sold her soul to the devil in exchange for the eternal youth. Lucida lives again on Halloween night and, accompanied by Lucipher, fire-breathers and demons, walks through the village until the Ponte del Diavolo (the Devil’s Bridge), where an outstanding fireworks display awaits her.

- In Tuscia: “La Notte Nera” (the Black Night), an interactive show set in the vampires’ land.

In Turin:

- at Palavela: Halloween on skates in Turin ice temple, with witches, zombies and vampires.

- At Egyptian Museum: a creepy night among the old mummies and the spirits of the ancients, from 8 pm.

In Milan:

In Corso Garbali: “Trick or Treat?” around the shops of the street (from 4 pm).

In Rome:

At “Circolo degli Artisti”: Halloween party, with scary masks and many frightening surprises!

At “Rainbow MagicLand”: an adventure among giant pumpkins and ghosts. The streets will be haunted by witches, vampires, spiders, bats and zombies.

At Zoomarine: theme animation, 4D horror films and free entry for the scariest masks!

What are you waiting for, then? Dive into the night of the witches and the living dead. We’ll be waiting for you, scarier than ever!

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