2012 edition of “Lucca Comics & Games” is ready to begin

The long-awaited Lucca Comics&Games is back: one of the main events dedicated to comics, animation, games, videogames, fantasy and sci-fi!

The festival will start on November, 1st and end on 4th; the exhibitions have been open from October 20th until the end of the festival.

For the 25th time, there will also be the Original Game Contest: the announcement is online for all the games creators.

A for the comics, the special guests of this edition will be: Enrique Breccia, Sara Pichelli, Laura Zuccheri, Takeshi Obata, Jim Lee and Geoff Jhons; whereas as for the games there will be Jason Bulmahn, Cristopher Paolini, Chris Ayers, Francesco Berardi, Paolo Mori, Emiliano Sciarra, Greg Straples and Alex Zucchini.

The usual visitors won’t need this information, but here are some useful suggestions for the newcomers:

Tickets can be bought in advance online as well; the full price ticket is 14€, while the reduced price is 12€. Multiple tickets for more days are also available (2 days 24€, 3 days 33€, 4 days 40€, 5 days 45€).

The opening hours is 9 am –  7 pm. The festival area can be reached by car (two attended car parks will be set up, with free shuttle service), bus or train.

If you’ve never visited Lucca before, this could be a perfect occasion for discovering such a beautiful and old Tuscan city, which still nowadays is surrounded by its ancient walls…

For further information about the city of Lucca, take a look at the online travel guide About Versilia.

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