Spring has just come to Milan

Spring in Milan is going to begin on next Sunday March 10th with “El tredesìn de marz”, one of the oldest festivals and fairs of Milan’s folk tradition.

The origin of this traditional event joins the old Celtic traditions of the city with the devotion to St. Barnabas.

The legend tells that Barnabas arrived to Milan to spread Christianity with St. Paul in March 52 A.D., and he stopped in the woods out of Porta Orientale. He began to preach and with a cross made of wood, came to Milan and celebrated the first baptisms in Porta Ticinese.

Once he left Milan, he left to local people as a pledge of their faith, his wooden cross stuck in the round stone of Celtic origin; such a stone can still be admired in the middle of the aisle in the Church of Santa Maria del Paradiso, Porta Vigentina.

Although the story denied the facts (St. Barnabas never arrived to Milan) the milanese popular tradition still continue to celebrate this festival.

This is the reason why in Milan “El tredesìn de marz” became the first day of Spring. A traditional festival proposed by Milan’s citizens to rediscover the taste of the history and folklore in the imminent arrival of spring.

“El tredesìn de marz” celebrations take place between Piazzale Lodi and Porta Romana, including the streets Via Crema, VIa Piacenza, Via Giulio Romano and Piazzale Buozzi. In this corner of Milan, on Sunday, March 10th, visitors will find hundreds of stalls selling everything, especially flowers.

From 9 am until 7 pm, you will find exciting moments of entertainment with street artists, animation, music, creative workshops and the village Pompieropoli with simulations, mini-courses and fun for children.

Milan blossoms on March 10th with the old “Tredesìn de marz”.

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