The Venetian Artist Lorenzo Lotto on display in Venice

Lorenzo Lotto‘s artworks, a great artist of Renaissance painting, are exhibited in Venice from last 9th March and until 7th July at Reggia La Venaria.

In the rooms Sale dell Arti of La Venaria visitors will find the most important paintings of the Venetian artist together with ten or so new works belonging to several Italian churches and museums.

In addition, at the exhibition visitors will have also the chance to admire the fresco transferred to canvas illustrating San Vincenzo Ferrer in gloria – belonging to the San Domenico Church in Recanati – that has been restored on this occasion.

The exhibition, entitled “Lorenzo Lotto nelle Marche” (“Lorenzo Lotto in the Italian region of Le Marche”) marks out for its refinement and strictness and exhibits more than 20 extremely beautiful and charming works. There will be many artworks of the period spent by the artist in the Italian region of Le Marche, which communicate apprehension and a contemporary perception.

The period spent in Le Marche is for Lorenzo Lotto one of the most important and significative moments of his poetics and painting creation of the Italian 16th century. His devotion painting was dedicated to the audience and private clients, and illustrates portraits and profane allegories representing the exceptional walk of life and style of such a great artist.

Lorenzo Lotto was a very original and nonconformist man, a feature that soon brought him to some kind of marginalization from the Venetian context, which at the time was dominated by the famous painter Titian. He moved to Le Marche, in those art schools that were considered inferior to the other great art centres placed in Venice, rome and Florence.

His life was marked by many delusions and failures; by the way, modern critics reevaluated and considered him a tormented, shy and unmoral but very modern man.

Don’t miss such a great exhibition! The wonderful works of “Lorenzo Lotto nelle Marche” wait for you until July, 7th at La Venaria Reale in Venice.

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