The Traditional Festival of “Sensa” in Venice | May, 11th and 12th 2013

A long-awaited event is coming in the so-called “Serenissima”, the city of Venice: the traditional festivalFesta della Sensa”.

Once again, on Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th 2013, such an event will gather visitors from all over the world. Festa della Sensa is so special because citizens and visitors can live again the old history of the maritime Republic of Venice, its intimate relationship with the sea and the Venetian rowing.

Festa della Sensa (Festival of the Ascension Day) was a celebration of Republic of Venice on the occasion of Christ’s Ascension (in Venetian dialect “Sensa”). On this day, in the past the celebration of the “Sposalizio del Mare” (“Bridal with the Sea”) was held: the Doge reached S. Elena at San Pietro di Castello and the Bishop blessed him. Later, the Doge threw into the water a golden ring (symbol of marriage). Still nowadays, Venetians celebrate this ritual ceremony.

Nowadays, on the occasion of this Festival, a water parade is held with traditional rowboats from San Marco to Lido. Before the other boats, is the “Serenissima”, the boat where the mayor of Venice and other authorities sit and where the ritual ceremony of the Bridal with the Sea is celebrated.

In addition, visitors will find the Market of Sensa at San Niccolò Church of Lido and they will have the chance to watch the Venetian rowing competition and many other side events.

Saturday 11th May
At 5.30 pm: Venice, Ca’ Farsetti (admittance by invitation only)?Ceremony of Adriatic Sister City. Award “Osella d’oro della Sensa 2013″.

Sunday 12th May
At 9.00 am Gathering of boats in Bacino di San Marco
At 9.30 am Start of water parade to San Nicolò di Lido
At 10.30 am Bridal of the Sea in front of San Nicolò Church in Lido
At 11.00 am Performance of the chorus Serenissima at San Nicolò Church di Lido
At 11.30 am Holy Mass at San Nicolò Church in Lido
At 5.00 pm Regatta of Sensa: women regatta on 2-rows boats.
At 5.45 pm Regatta on 4-rows gondolas. Itinerary of regattas: Bacino di San Marco – Riviera San Niccolò al Lido.

Here are some side events…

7th – 12th May – Lido di Venezia: Venezia Wind Art, International kite and wind art festival.

On Saturday 11th (2.00-8.00 pm) and Sunday 12th May (10.00 am – 6.30 pm) – Lido di Venezia, San Nicolò Church: Market of Sensa.

10th -11th – 12th May – military area in Riviera San Niccolò: shows, performances and entertainment at Lido di Venezia: concerts, wide and food stands, a lottery.

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